Pablo Astorga Lanas


Pablo has specialized in consultancies on Water Law, Natural Resources and Agricultural Real Estate Projects, with vast experience advising individuals, companies and organizations throughout the country and abroad. He has been a speaker at various conferences and seminars on water law and is an associate professional of the UC Water Law and Management Center. He also has experience in corporate and administrative law.

    • 2015: Advanced English, English Institute of Sydney, Australia.
    • 2016: Attorney, University of Los Andes.
    • 2019: Diploma in Water Management and Regulation, Catholic University of Chile. Highest distinction. 
    • 2020: Water and Political Constitution, Catholic University of Chile. 


  • 2016: Hiriart Lyon Ríos Lecaros Abogados.
  • 2017/2022: Ríos & Compañía Abogados.
  • 2022/Currently: Ríos, Acevedo, Allende, Astorga & Mujica Abogados.
  • Spanish 
  • English